Nadja Maril

How to Sell Wedgwood Dishes

In annapolis, Antiques on March 16, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Charnwood, a discontinued pattern by Wedgwood

Charnwood, a discontinued pattern by Wedgwood

Hi Nadja,
I have enjoyed reading your articles in the magazine. I have a set of 8 plus other serving pieces of fine china – Wedgewood the Charnwood pattern. I am interested in selling the set but am not sure how to go about finding a dealer that might be interested in this china. Any ideas?


Your inherited set of Wedgwood in the Charnwood pattern is sold by a number of dealers online who specialize in discontinued china patterns. Introduced in 1951, it is a colorful and handsome design inspired by polychrome designs from the late 19th century. If you no longer wish to keep the set of dishes, the pattern was discontinued in 1987, you could probably sell the dishes online. I found a similar set which was being offered for $1200. Individually a dinner plate sells for approximately $60, while a lunch plate sells for approximately $35. Plan on receiving approximately half of those list prices, if selling to a dealer. Consider trying to sell your set online at Craig’s List, Ebay, or through a newspaper classified advertsement.
Regarding your general questions concerning finding appraisal help, please read the previous blog entry.


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